Thursday, April 06, 2006

Defendant pleads Robble Robble

In Beckemeyer, Illinois--between Carlyle and Breese--there used to be a drive-in theater called the Car-Breeze.
The screen was torn down years ago, but the marquee survives, hidden under a pasteboard sign. Until recently, the concession/projection building was still standing, covered with weeds and surrounded by rusty farm implements. Some of the letters spelling CAR BREEZE DRIVE-IN were still attached to the counter, and some of the equipment was still rusting away under the rotted ceiling.
I used to check on the status of this relic every time I passed by. Today, on my first visit in several months, I couldn't help but notice that the lot had been cleared of weeds and implements, and the old drive-in building had at last been leveled.
But in its place stood something pretty wonderful:
Yes, it's the severed bun of Officer Cheeseburger, McDonaldland's most-decorated keeper of the peace.
His torso was found several paces away.

Actually, the discovery of this wayward piece of playground equipment wasn't a very big surprise. For a few years, a grade school in nearby Breese has been in possession of another piece of old-school playground equipment, apparently donated when a local McDonald's upgraded to the Playplace: a slide festooned with the head of Captain Crook, a long-decommissioned McDonaldland villain. I think I remember seeing other pieces of McDonald's playgrounds scattered around this part of Illinois, usually in school or civic park playgrounds. Do you know of any?


Michael Allen said...

That story of the McD's playground equipment is interesting. I spent a few years in Centralia as a very young kid but rarely go back, so I don't know of any. But now I'm rarin' to go looking.

Anonymous said...

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