Friday, August 19, 2005

Proud member of AAA, ADD and OCD

Wow, it's been a while. I've been traveling and researching and photographing all kinds of stuff as diligently as ever, but when I buzzed through several unfamiliar Midwestern cities in one day and only had time to take a few pictures, I started debating with myself about whether to bother posting my findings until I had more background information. While it's fine to present a photo and say "look at this rusty old neon sign at a bar in Dubuque," part of me wants to know how old it is, and what the bar's like inside, before I go slappin' these pictures up on the Web. Otherwise, all you're getting is a bunch of pictures and no text. But I guess my Comprehensive Review Of Every Cool Thing I've Ever Seen Anywhere can wait for a real website (as opposed to a blog), so I can add to it incrementally as information arrives, rather than chronologically. In the meantime, I've got a lotta stuff to dump on you from a trip to northeastern Iowa. But not right now.


Michael Allen said...

In understand the frustration with blogging your discoveries. I started my comprehensive website over one year before I launched a blog, and the blog was supposed to be reserved for events listings, announcements and occasional commentary on current events. But there are the occasional moments where I'm tempted to put a just-taken photo in the blog before I research its location. I have resisted, mostly.

You could probably make an awesome website, based on what I have seen here so far.

You are also most welcome to submit to the Ecology of Absence website.

Take care and thanks for your work.

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